Top Sump Pump Maintenance Tips

sump pit in basement of a homeA sump pump is a very important part of a home’s flood prevention system. During thunderstorms and heavy rainfall conditions often it is the only device preventing a home from a flooded basement. Ensuring that your sump pump is working at its best is quite important. A self-inspection can reveal if you need to call a pro to repair or replace your sump pump. We contacted a local drain service contractor who explained sump pump inspection, and maintenance details. Sump pump maintenance is important to keep your home safe. Having a professional perform the work is always advisable to ensure the long-lasting operation of your sump pump.

Safety First

When doing any work around an active sump pump, make sure no one goes in the sump pit. This means no arms or legs. The float switch can be reached with a hockey stick or a rubber-handled golf club. Or, other tools, depending on what is available nearby.

The Sump Pump Acid Test

Testing your sump pump is a fairly easy thing to do. The first thing you’ll need is a large bucket, fill it up with water and then pour it into your sump pit. If your pump turns on and starts to pump the water out of the pit you know that it works. This is about as basics of a sump pump test you can do but it is extremely important to do periodically to ensure that your pump works. If the pump fails to turn on you know there is a significant problem that you should have examined by a professional as soon as possible.

Essential Sump Pump Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance it is best to have your sump pump inspected annually by a professional contractor that is experienced with flood prevention systems. It is important that no debris be allowed to build up new the sump pump, clean the pump off if there is any muck or debris near it. The inlet screen will do a very good job at preventing dirt or other debris from being sucked into the pump but it’s a good idea to clean it off so that it does not become overwhelmed. If you have a sump pump that is used regularly make sure you give it a regular, thorough cleaning.

Install a Sump Pump Alarm

If you are concerned about your sump pump failing or wish to have an extra layer of protection against your basement flooding you can install a sump pump alarm. Installing a sump pump alarm is a sure fire way to be notified if there is a problem with your sump pump and is a simple process for an experienced contractor. The alarm is installed into the sump pit and when the water fills up to a specified level the alarm will sound. What this does is allows people to tell when the water is no longer being pumped out of the pit fast enough, or if a sump pump has completely failed. Usually, an alarm is installed at such a height that would allow people to take alternative measures before catastrophic flooding occurs. For instance, people could hand bail the sump pit into buckets, a sink, or tub before their basement floods.