Account Questions
 Why Should I Create an Account?
Creating an account at Boston Baked Bonz is simple and can save you a lot of time! First, please note that we do NOT store your credit card information, ever. When you create an account, we allow you to create a unique username that allows you to quickly login to our store for future orders. We will also record the addresses you send your gifts to — so the next time you send a gift, you won’t need to re-type the address.

So… creating an account is simple, safe, and let’s you re-order more quickly in the future. Sounds like a great idea!

Our Satisfaction Guarantee
 Our Satisfaction Guarantee
We want every customer to be 100% satisfied with our products. We put a lot of time and effort into making products that are handmade, high-quality and exceed your expectations. If, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied, we will be happy to refund or replace (your decision) all or part of your order. Refunds will be made using the same method used to pay for your order.

If you do have questions or concerns about your order you can contact us through our website. It is helpful if you reference your Order # (or provide as much detail about the order as possible if you don’t have the Order #) when you contact us to speed up our reply. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee begins on the day your gift ships and you need to contact us with any problems within 30 days of this shipping date.

Payment Questions
 Do I Need a PayPal Account to Use PayPal?
No, you do not need a PayPal account in order to pay with PayPal. (However, PayPal may change that policy… we don’t control their business!). When you choose the “Checkout with PayPal” button, you will get the option to either use a credit card (without a PayPal account) or login to your PayPal account and pay with the methods you prefer to use.
 Can I Pay with PayPal?
Of course! You may use PayPal to pay for your order either at the beginning or the end of the checkout process — it is your choice.  As with Credit Cards, when you complete your order, PayPal “authorizes” the amount of the order.  We don’t actually collect payment (“capture” the funds) from PayPal until your order is ready to ship.
 When Does My Credit Card Get Charged?
We don’t process your credit card or PayPal until your order is ready to ship. When you place an order online, the information is kept pending until your order is ready to ship. We will NEVER increase the amount charged to your credit card, but we frequently decrease the amount because we are able to ship at a lower cost. You will receive an invoice via email marked “paid” when your order ships — this invoice contains the actual amount billed to your credit card.

PLEASE NOTE: We don’t store your credit card information.  Once you complete the transaction on our store the amount is “authorized” on your credit card… which, basically, means the full amount of your order is being “held” on your credit card.  When your order is ready to ship, we then “capture” the funds from your credit card (or PayPal).  This is standard practice in the industry an ensures that the funds are available when we ship your order, while also ensuring your aren’t paying for anything until it is read to ship.

Personalized Cookies
 How Do I Order Personalized Cookies?
When you look at your Doggie Bag, there is a button near the bottom to allow you to add the Personalized Cookies service to your order. Just click it, tell us the name(s) you want on all the bags of cookies in your order, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Please note: We will put the same name(s) on all the bags in your order automatically. So, if you’ve ordered 5 bags, they will all have the same name(s) on them. If you’ve ordered a gift box that includes multiple bags, we’ll put the same name(s) you want on all of them.

If you want different names on different bags, you need to place multiple orders!

Be sure to include a note with your order that you want us to combine shipping — otherwise, your order will ship individually!

 What Are Personalized Cookies?
Personalized Cookies are our bags of cookies that contain the name(s) of your choosing right on the label! What a great way to personalize a gift to special dog-enabled family. We print a complete, customized label for each bag of cookies in your order and the bag is hand-labeled with the information. Each box will say “Hand-Baked Especially for:” on it, and then contain the name(s) you tell us to put on it. How nice!
Responsible Member of the Community
 Do You Help Out Dog-Related Groups?
Of course! Rescue groups, in particular, work so hard to rescue and find forever homes for so many dogs and we are thrilled to be able to directly support the work they do! A few years ago, when our family lost their beloved Daphne, Violet was rescued and met her new big brother, Sebastian, and kept him company. Despite an age difference of 14 years, Violet and Sebastian quickly bonded as best friends. When it was time for Sebastian to leave our family, Daisy was adopted to keep her big sister, Violet, company. And everyone knows those two girls are BFF’s! When a little chocolate lab was sick and available for adoption, we decided to add a third member to the crew, Sunflower: and officially created the Flower Power Sisters of Boston Baked Bonz!

And, when Charlie was on death row in Tennessee because someone shot him in the leg, we adopted him, got him the best medical care possible and added him to the family. The Flower Power Sisters immediately became known as Charlie’s Angels!

We have a black, yellow, and chocolate lab running around the company making sure every batch of cookies is hand-baked to perfection and that there are no quality-control incidents!

While we aren’t able to partner directly with all dog organizations, we do place a special emphasis on helping groups that help dogs live better lives. We don’t restrict ourselves to dogs, though — we are very interested in helping organizations who work to end animal suffering and increase compassion in our world.

 What’s the Largest Donation You’ve Ever Made?
In 2008 the founders of Boston Baked Bonz, LLC, announced a $1 Million gift to Farm Sanctuary. We are so dedicated to the work this organization does and appreciate their focus on increasing compassion in our world. We are simply grateful to be able to give back to organizations that make the world so much better for all of us. You can read about our donation here.

We are also active and significant financial supporters of the MSPCA and PETA.

 Do You Give to Charitable Organizations?
Sure! We try to give at least something to all of the charitable organizations that request donations from us, but there is a seemingly never-ending stream of requests for donations, and we can’t possibly give away something to everyone. Usually, we give a small product donation to use in the organization’s fund raising efforts. You can contact us through our website if you have any questions!
Returning Customers / New Website
 What’s my username?
In the Spring of 2013, we transferred all of our information to a new website.  As part of this process, we transferred all customers to the new website.  Your username is the same as the email address you used to register at the old website.

For all customers who are returning customers from our old website (prior to Spring 2013), your username will be the same as your email address.  If you need help with your password, see this FAQ.

 What’s my password?
In the Spring of 2013, we upgraded our website to new software and transferred all of the user accounts.  During that process, we copied all of the accounts from our old website, but not the passwords.  All passwords for customers of the old website were reset to something random and you will need to click on the item that says “Lost your password? Click here to reset it.” during the login process.

You will get an email with help on accessing your account with a new password and then you can change that password to something you want!

Please note: for those of you who are returning customers from the old website, your username is the SAME as your email address.

 How does the “Shop Now, Ship Later” work?
We created our “Shop Now, Ship Later” process to help you plan ahead, or get your shopping done early.

We will bake, package and ship your order on the day you’ve selected! Of course, your credit card (or PayPal) will not be charged until your order is ready to ship. You will receive a confirmation email and tracking information (if available) on the day your gift ships so you know we have taken care of sending a box of goodness for you!

 Why Can’t I Ship on the Day I Want?
We are very happy to offer our Shop Now, Ship Later service… which allows you to select when we ship your gift. During checkout, you will have an option to select the day your gift will ship. If you don’t select a day, the soonest available shipping day will be chosen automatically — usually the next business day.

However, there are certain dates on the calendar that will not be available for you to select. These days are not possible as shipping dates because we are unable to ship your gift on that day. Usually, this occurs when our baking capacity for a specific day has been maxed out. For big holidays throughout the year, we may block out dates so that last-minute orders can be taken care of. We’re sorry we can’t ship on your desired date, but you can use the calendar to select the closest day either before or after your desired shipping date.

 What is the “Shop Now, Ship Later” service?
We know there are a lot of people who like to be prepared. These people don’t like to wait until the last minute to send gifts to the dogs of friends and family. We created our “Shop Now, Ship Later” process to help people shop when it is convenient — while ensuring the gift is shipped when they want!

The process is simple: you shop when it is convenient for you and then tell us when you want your gift to be shipped! You just specify a shipping date during checkout! Feel free to contact us if you have any concerns about your order! Just select the date you want us to ship your gift by clicking the date on the calendar!

We will bake, package and ship your order on the day you’ve selected! Of course, your credit card will not be charged until your order is ready to ship. You will receive a confirmation email and tracking information (if available) on the day your gift ships so you know we have taken care of your special gift!

IMPORTANT:  You need to select the date you WANT THE ITEM TO BE SHIPPED! We cannot control the shipper’s delivery schedule, we can only make sure the shipper gets it on the day you select as the ship date. Depending on the method you select for shipping, you will need to leave enough time for the package to transit to the destination. Obviously, around the holidays, you may want to allow for some extra time. We will ship your gift on the day you tell us to (but may ship it a day early during busy holidays).

JUST TO BE DOUBLE-CLEAR: Do NOT put the date you want the gift to be delivered! We cannot guarantee a delivery date: we can only guarantee a shipping date. You will receive a confirmation email with tracking information (if available) on the day your gift is shipped! Feel free to contact us if you have any concerns about your order!